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Welcome to Sara de Bono

Sara de Bono is an online shop of Art, Design and Branding products, with a big range of different artists.

About Sara

My Story

From working on Digital Marketing to follow my passions and empowering artists and artisans women.

Those of you who already know me will have noticed the great change that I have made of dedicating myself fully to Digital Marketing and Social Media to turn my website into a store in which both professionals and individuals browse an online store with art, design and branding.

Passionate about art, photography and design, I have dedicated myself for many years to the world of Digital Marketing, which although I liked it a lot and learned great things that today serve me for my own projects and helping small entrepreneurs, I felt a gap inside of my missing to fill. One day, doing some portraits on my computer, I realized what I was missing, and that is that when someone is passionate it shows and I knew I should dedicate myself to it, being able to do what I like every day, besides continuing to help small and medium enterprises with the necessary and essential work of today, Social Networks.

I just have to thank you for stopping by here. Do not hesitate to contact me whenever you want, either because you have a company and need help with your social networks or because you have doubts about any of the personalized products we offer.

Most of them are printed Wall Decoration, but we are opening the gallery to different range of handmade and artistic work.
Depending on the selection, our products are printed on different materials such Canvas, PVC Forex and Heavyweight Paper.
We care about our customers and everything we do, that is why we just want you to get the best quality of our work.
Keep in Touch
We are here to talk to you personally either if you are a customer or a seller. Looking forward to work with you!

What We Do

We give opportunities to artists and artisans women.

Everyone is looking for to seeing your pieces and buying them. Sara de Bono Gallery gives you the oportunity of showing your art to the world, and you just need to contact me for it. Me and my team are here to help you. Looking forward to work and grow toghether!